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NNF Bridge Young Ambassadors Project

Working with and funded by the Norfolk & Norwich Festival Bridge. Open’s 11 are a group of students from Open Academy Sixth Form, chosen by Cinema City Education to be Young Ambassadors. With an aim to encourage audience development at Cinema City, Norwich, Open’s 11 researched and organised a series of events at Cinema City and at Open Academy.

“We hope to introduce new audiences to classic films that may have been previously unknown to them, as well as providing them with the opportunity to discover recent films that have been released in the last decade, which are critically acclaimed. Additional to the films, there will be special events that will be available to the public where they can dress up and become more involved in the film experience.”

THE GOONIES (PG) + Treasure Hunt
BACK TO THE FUTURE (PG) + Introduction
TOTSI (15) + Introduction
QUADROPHENIA (15) + Introduction